Do you have to wake me up from winter sleep for this selfie ??? It's not yet spring !!

All you can see (from me) I really tried to make a nice selfie

After this selfie what should I do next ??? Boring weather !!


The boring winter time continues and my cats prefer to stay inside cats (not insiders)

Rosie after having tried out several sleeping places, found finally her luck on the armchair, where she spends most of her time now. You can see how exciting life is the only gym she does is yawning.

Arthur too selects his napping places and waits for better times. He thoroughly things it over where to spend the day, the bed ? No better close to the radiator. The toy became half a cushion.

But Kim has left her place at the entrance and moved back to Mr. G.'s room. I think she was fed up, because she had to run away each time somebody rang the doorbell or even dared to come in.



What do you think about my new hairdo for the selfie ?

Sorry, I just saw a cat in MY garden, therefore I don't look at you !!

Now I allow myself to be lazy, sleep and eat, eat and sleep .... and then she comes with her phone !


I feel more and more like living in a retirement home. It's time that spring arrives and wakes up these hibernating cats !

The only thing which interests Arthur is food and especially the one he can steal from a plate, at least that keeps him fit ! Otherwise he sleeps the whole day long, since 2 days even in my wardrobe.

As we didn't find him we looked for him everywhere outside in the garden and in the whole house ! No Arthur and no meow ! Finally when I took out a blouse, I saw him deeply sleeping on my pyjamas ! Of course I forgot to take a picture.

From time to time he checks the temperature outside, but as nothing happens and it's cold he prefers to go back to his winter sleep.

Kim approaching the age of 19, still sleeps at the same place at the entrance. It's really the most uncomfortable place in the whole house, but there is nothing to do, if I try to move her and take the rug away she would sleep on the tiles ! As with "vintage" people some become very stubborn ! She eats I don't know when, but she is far from being skinny and drinks a lot as all old cats do. Now she loves to be brushed even by me ! Miracle happens it took more then 10 years living with us, that she changed from an autistic cat to a nearly normal.

Even 10 year old Rosie is lazy and looked disdainful on the "crocodile" I proposed her to play with,

She has several sleeping places (at least she changes a bit) and from time to time is also active, although in a for us not nice way, during the week she brought home such a fat mouse that I didn't dare to take a picture not to chase all readers away ! It was enormous ! Of course as a orderly housewife cat she had put the mouse in one of the food bowls !!



You interrupted my hibernationn

This time my eyes came out nicely

I am too old for selfies, I prefer to eat !



I just came back from my holidays in Egypt, and besides the terrible cold we have here I have not much to report about my darling cats. Apparently they haven't even missed me, as Mr. G. has spoiled them as usual.

So after a polite purr and soft meows they retired again into their  winter quarters !



Just one ! no more .....

The food was good so I am in a good mood and show you how  I digest happily ! Even making a selfie with a full stomach.

The hibernation continues although I wouldn't call this rainy weather winter,  Arthur couldn't even hide once in the snow ! Therefore he turns around on my bed and grooms and sleeps !

Rosie too is always on the same places, but I think she must go out during night, because she was so friendly and brought a bird corps in Mr. G's room and he promptly stepped on it when he got out of his bed, barefood of course .... you should have heard him !

Rosie always sits besides me on the sofa for the moment

or sleeps between my legs while I watch TV. It's time that spring arrives !

Meanwhile for health reason I return to Egypt the only country which is close enough (4 h flight) where it is always warm and sunny. Even in Morocco in the desert they had a lot of snow !!

So from Wednesday on I will finally breath dry weather. My little cat family is in best hands with Mr. G !



My tail is too bushy can't see you very well

It itches !!

It's such a nice and warm place between her legs !